NDT keeps a good relatioinship with many renowned suppliers in the World. Through long term mutual beneficial co-operation and partnering programs, we work closely with all the suppiers to provide good system and services to our customers. This is also our key to success.


Specialized in Satellite Uplink System
ADVENT is a member of the Vislink Group with headquarter in U.K. ADVENT introduced the first portable satellite antenna in the World. Today, ADVENT provides total system for TV broadcast, government and military use with both SNG and Flyaway solutions. This enables the live-telecast of any events from all over the World to send back to the station.

Specialized in HD cameras and studio lighting
The ARRI Group has over 1,200 highly trained employees worldwide. Half of them are based in Germany, where the company has its headquarters in Munich and where the largest part of its business is concentrated. ARRI's award-winning product range is distributed to film industry centres from Hollywood to Bollywood and everywhere inbetween.

Specialized in bandwidth sensitive applications
ATEME primarily targets bandwidth sensitive applications where its unrivalled compression efficiency delivers an increased Quality of Experience for the audience, while reducing our customers operating costs.

Specialized in remote live newsgathering and surveillance solutions
AVIWEST is a world leading provider of video contribution uplink systems for live streaming over bonded 3G/4G cellular networks. At AVIWEST, we are dedicated to helping our customers respond to present and future challenges by providing them with remote live newsgathering and surveillance solutions that are portable, cost-effective, and reliable while guaranteeing exceptional video quality from any location around the world.

Specialized in comprehensive media platform
Through Avid Everywhere, Avid delivers the industry's most open, innovative and comprehensive media platform connecting content creation with collaboration, asset protection, distribution and consumption for the most listened to, most watched and most loved media in the world¡ªfrom the most prestigious and award-winning feature films, music recordings, and television shows, to live concerts and news broadcasts.

Specialized in live-action 3D feature films
3ality Technica produces the most pixel-precise, live-action 3D feature films, concerts, sports, and commercial programming. Whether produced with, or independent of, 3ality Technica, content creators are assured the most technologically accurate 3D image capture in the world. With 3ality Technica's complete system including the rig, SIP, and proprietary software, a 3D production stays on the same schedule as a 2D production and within the same budget.

Specialized in Professional photographic equipment manufacturing
Canon U.S.A., Canon Europe, Canon China, Canon Australia and Canon Marketing Japan oversee sales in their respective regions. Through the comprehensive implementation of supply chain management, marketing activities are coordinated with development and production operations through advanced IT systems to ensure that Canon products are delivered as needed anywhere in the world. Our sales network also plays an important role in gathering input from customers, which is fed back into future development and production processes.

Specialized in real-time video
The founders and developers of the coolux Pandoras Box products family decided in 2003 to think outside the box of traditional video playback technology, with an open mind for innovations to make a leap in what is feasible in real-time video.
The vision of establishing a real-time 3D compositing and rendering system compatible with any kind of live production was born.
Based on the high performance coolux Pandoras Box Server system, we created a whole new media control product range, giving our customer the highest flexibility and compatibility for multimedia show design.

Specialized in audio electronic solutions
BDI is a supplier of standard and custom-crafted electronic solutions for the broadcast industry. Based in New York, USA. BDI provides products such as audio switcher, router, microphone preamplifier and low pass filter.

d&b audiotechnik
Specialized in electroacoustics field
d&b audiotechnik operates internationally in the field of electroacoustics as a manufacturer of loudspeaker systems and electronics for high quality speech and music reproduction or sound reinforcement in public places. d&b is regarded as one of the leading companies in this market as a result of the use of technological developments, system integration principles, quality of construction and standard of service. d&b loudspeakers are used globally in rental and installation markets for events, multimedia, musicals, concert halls, theatres, opera houses, broadcast and everything from the smallest conference room to the largest stadium.

Specialized in end-to-end communications solutions and professional services
Ericsson 1876 was founded in Stockholm, Sweden. Early production from the telephone, telephone switch development of Ericsson's business has more than 140 countries around the world, is a global leader in providing comprehensive end-to-end communications solutions and professional services.

Specialized in fiber optic transmission system and Multi-Image Display system
Evertz is a Canadian company established in 1966. The factory has a strong R&D team with around 100 engineers. Evertz is a very well organized firm with services covering design, manufacturing and sales. They have a very strong customer base with very good reputation.

Specialized in Live Program Production, Slow-Motion Server and Post Production Network
EVS is a world famous supplier for TV Broadcast equipment base in Belgium. EVS has a strong team of experts. The LSM-XT series Slow Motion Disk Recorder has already set an industry standard for the World. Their creative Post Production Network also provides a very powerful production platform for OB applications.

Specialized in audits, monitors, analyzes and troubleshoots digital video
IneoQuest Technologies, Inc., Headquartered in Mansfield, Massachusetts,providers of the industry¡¯s first and only unified business solution that audits, monitors, analyzes and troubleshoots digital video from a multi-dimensional perspective, serves customers in the telephony, cable, broadcast and network equipment industries.

Specialized in the manufacture of lighting and rigging technology for the Motion Picture and Broadca
FILMGEAR is one of the global leader in the manufacture of lighting and rigging technology for the Motion Picture and Broadcastindustry.
FILMGEAR¡¯s international headquarters are located in Hong Kong. The company also has a subsidiary in the USA and a large distribution network around the gl

Specialized in mixer & audio router system.
Founded in 1970 as an engineer's office for electronic equipment,Headquarters in Rastatt, Germany.Foreign branch offices in Australia, China, North America and in Switzerland,Approx. 180 employees worldwide,Sales partners in more than 40 countries.Simple operation, high integration and excellent cost performance,be applied to live broadcast, post production, OB Van, recording studio, etc..

Specialize in Wireless Camera Microwave System
Link Research is established in 1992 and is a member of the Vislink group in U.K. In 1994, they introduced the SRC4 Satellite Receiving software which is widely used by the industry. From 2001, Link Research concentrates their effort on DVB/MPEG encoders and related products. In 2002, their Encoder, Modulator and Wireless Camera became very successful product. In 2005, Link Research introduced the World¡¯s first practical HD Digital Wireless Camera Microwave system.

Specialized in system solution
For almost 10 years, L-S-B has been providing state of the art and innovative system solutions for the worldwide broadcast market. With a reference list that includes some of the largest public broadcasters to smaller private organisations, our expertise in control and integration has made us a global leader in the field of control systems and customised workflow optimisation solutions.

Media Alliance
Specialized in media asset management
Media-Alliance is headquartered in Italy. Developed by Media-Alliance, MediaXplorer is the solution for media asset management. It is different from other solutions and reflects new concept. It is the achievement of investigations about market demand and more than 15 years experience. Meanwhile, MediaXplorer focus on developing and integrating instrument that settle the technical problems in digital system application.

Specialized in Microwave Transmission System
MRC is established in U.S.A. in 1986. It is currently a member of the Vislink group in U.K. MRC is one of the largest manufacturers for Microwave system in the World. They become an ISO certified company since 1994. MRC can provide complete solution for fix and portable microwave links. Their product is widely used in Broadcast, Public Security and Military applications.

Specialized in professional Lighting
Kino Flo Lighting Systems for HD Cinema, Television and Digital Imaging

Specialized in intercom system
Riedel Communications designs, manufactures and distributes the most pioneering real-time networks for video, audio and communications for broadcast, pro-audio, event, sports, theatre and security applications worldwide. The products reflect today¡¯s leading-edge technologies that translate tomorrow's demands into today's solutions. The company also provides rental services for radio and intercom systems, event IT solutions as well as fiber-based and wireless audio & video transmission systems for large-scale events such as Olympic Games, Formula 1 races or World Cups. The Company was founded in 1987 and today employs over 400 people located within 11 locations in Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas.

Specialized in Video Server, VOD and Massive Storage
SeaChange is public listed company in Nasdaq and established in 1993. It is also the World¡¯s largest supplier for Video Server and VOD system based in U.S.A. SeaChange servers is very popular in both TV broadcast and Broadband networks. SeaChage has a R&D centre in Shanghai.

Specialized in Archive and Storage Management
SGL is a leading provider of content archive and storage management software for multiple business sectors including broadcast, post production, news, sports and government. A privately-owned company, SGL is managed by the same three directors that founded the company in 1991. Its reliable, flexible content archive and storage management solutions are utilised by thousands of clients across the globe.

Specialized in Digital Switcher, Signal Processing equipment and Transcoders
SNELL & WILCOX has been in the TV broadcast market for over 30 years. It¡¯s range of products cover from signal source input to terminal equipments. S&W works closely with SMPTE and EBU on setting the standards for the industry. The Kahuna series HD/SD Switcher is the World¡¯s first format independent Production Switcher.

Specialized in broadcast/TV and professional business
As a leading broadcast/TV and professional business operator, Sony has brought its broadcast/TV and professional businesses into China thirty years ago. It is currently providing China's professional customers from various industries all kinds of system solutions, already widely used in various industries including content creation, network communication, governmental agencies, industrial business & professional enterprises, medicine and education,etc,.

t.c electronic
Specialized in audio products
TC Electronic was founded in 1976 with the objective of developing, manufacturing and marketing first class audio products that provide lasting user value for audio professionals and musicians.Based in Risskov, Denmark, TC Electronic continues to be very focused on new technologies and products with its approx. 40 R&D staff. Today, the company is not only a leader in digital signal processing, but also a major player in other aspects of the digital audio technology world, such as digital amplification and networking.

Specialized in Test and Measurement Equipment
Tektronix is the World famous manufacturer for Test and Measurement equipment based in U.S.A. They invented the first oscilloscope in the World. Tektronix product ranging from Oscilloscope, Signal Generators, RF/Wireless tester, Fiber-optic test equipment, Logic Analysers, Spectrum Analysers, Semi-conductor testers and etc.

Specialized in Studio Compositing devices
An Ultimatte product is the World ¡°Best of Class¡±Compositing device and software plug-in. It is the most important tools for compositing effect over blue screen shoting (or green screen). The technology also helps them to receive the Emmy award and Oscar award.

Specialized in automated video quality check
Quales is a fully featured, comprehensive Video Quality Check system with the best cost-effective value proposition intended for small, medium, or large environments. Suitable for online or broadcast content; provides a straight-forward web-based and visual health check system for media, ensuring content readiness in all phases of your workflow.