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The 1000 square meter studio of Xiamen TV Station
The 1000 square meter studio of Xiamen TV Station is the core platform producing large and medium-sized programs for Xiamen TV Station, and is mainly used for the production and broadcast of entertainment programs and marathons. The high-quality Sony MVS-7000x switcher as the core equipment for production and the EVERTZ Xenon matrix as a backup control center enables the safe running of the whole system. Equipped with 8 cable channels, 2 radio channels and 22 foreign channels, the system has strong capabilities of program production and channel expansion.
System composition
  • System structure: Using an HD/SD compliant system with HD/SD adaptive inputs and outputs.
  • Matrix: Evertz Xenon with 64x64 channels
  • Switcher: Sony MVS-7000x
  • External frame synchronizer: EVERTZ HD2012
  • Frame splitting system: the multi-frame displaying system with X-LINK+VIPX modular matrix linkage.
  • Monitors: Panasonic TH-42PF30C, PVM-A170A and BVM-F170A (technical supervision)
  • The system used for the synchronization of the whole station: the Tektronix Synchronization System
  • Technical supervision system: the Tektronix Technical Supervision System
  • TALLY source name: source name followed dynamic TALLY
  • Clock system: the GPS Clock System
  • TV wall: In accordance with the Chang Alloy Architecture
Highlights of the system 
  • Powerful and flexible signal controlling capabilities and high security level: We choose the hardware and redundancy designed with stable performance to ensure no single point of collapse occurs in the system.
  • Strong capability of system expansion: At most 22 external channels of signals can be simultaneously accessed through the system, and this fully meets the demand of production of various types of programs and enables more flexible uses of the studio.