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Shangdong TV 1200m2 Studio Acoustic Amplification System Reconstruction


Shangdong TV Station's 1200m2 studio acoustic amplification system reconstruction project is an important application of LAWO in large scale live broadcast studios. This project was completed in February 2012. The new system's core is composed of LAWO MC²56 sound console has been connected to the original acoustic amplification system and superseded the analogue sound console.
This newly  added LAWO MC²56 sound console is composed of a control panel of a 48(16+16+16) physical pusher with retardant MADI optical fiber ports and a NOVA 73 host of double DSP card, a local DALLIS interface box and a remote DALLIS interface box, equipped with 88-channel analogue input  (56 mics), 56-channel analogue output, 32-channel (64 tracks) AES/EBU input and output interfaces. Besides, MC²56 realizes double way 56-channel signal exchange with the original Euphonix system via a pair of MADI optical fiber and optical fiber coaxial converter, which greatly improves the signal exchange capacity of both systems.
At present, "Legend of Songs", a soaring program of Shangdong Satellite TV is produced in this 1200m2 studio. The two experts Yu Shaoyuan and Yang Qingqing give heartily favorite comments on the perfect redundancy structure, powerful processing capability, easy operation and customized setup of MC²56.