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Macau TDM Studio 3


In 2011, NDT successfully won the bid of Teledifusão de Macau S.A. (TDM) Studio 3's system integration project to provide Macau TDM with studio products, including audio, video, studio lighting, big screen display, robot tracts, and program packaging, and the system integration.                               TDM TV Studio 3 was originally established for a daily news program of a channel. Thanks to the system's perfect design and the superiority of its selected products, TDM finally determines to apply this studio in daily broadcast and equipment operation as an integrated multifunctional studio.
TDM TV Studio 3 adopts the following advanced TV relay technology and products:
1.News automation
2.Completely tape free
3.Complete LED lighting system
4.Video camera robot control system
NDT mainly provides the following equipments for the studio: Telemetrics TeleGlid TG3 suspension system, Telemetrics Pedestial and Pan/Tilt and Adam A7X loudspeakers. Telemetrics has been creatively leading the development of video camera control systems, including video cameras' remote control, robot control systems and transmission systems, widely applied in various fields all over the world. These devices give great convenience to TDM studio on video camera control and improved their program-making efficiency. 
At the same time, we use ARRI LED Fresnel lens lamps of world-leading technology in the studio and make aluminum lamp grid system specially for the lighting suspension system according to the studio's situations. ARRI L7 series LED Fresnel lights have superior features, such as trace free, adjustable color temperature and beam colors, excellent intelligent cooling system and extraordinary CRI:
All the lighting of the studio takes LED lights, air-conditioning and power consumption effectively lowered for the effect of energy saving and environmental protection. The combination of ARRI L7 spotlights of extraordinary lighting effects and Litepanels 1x1 flat soft lights ensures the perfect images of anchorpersons and guests.
Front lights are arranged in rows, including 8 Litepanels 1x1 flat soft lights; 6 Litepanels 1x1 respectively arranged in an arc at side light and side backlight positions as main lights. 2 Litepanels 1x1 are taken as the top lights.
Fill light take 3 ARRI L7-C Fresnel lens spotlights, making the finishing point with its own 95+ CRI on soft shadow and representing shadow details. ARRI's 8-leaf barn door design gives excellent control of lighting area. It avoids interference by massive stray lights for long-distance fill light. L7's Fresnel lens dulcifies the light quality to the utmost, lamps completely freed from scrim.
Back lighting take 4 ARRI L7 to give distinctive and fluent contour on an anchorperson's head and shoulder to represent the third space and to just give proper stress on the space perspective between the person and the background.
NDT provides the studio with the following advanced production control room equipments: Sony MVS-6000 switcher, Evertz Xenon 3G/HD 32x32 SDI for matrix and emergency switch, Evertz VIPX multi-screen system, Medialliance Onda Playback and Medialliance VIVA Ingestsstudio program recording system, ClassX character generator, ADAM A7X sound boxes, Telemetrics CPS remote control system. Sony MVS-6000 switcher takes the most advanced SOC technology after MVS-8000G multi-format switchers, which realizes the multi-functional expansion for the same 4U case and expanded input and output quantity. As a small and medium multistream matrix, Evertz Xenon supports digital signal formats of SD-SDI, HD-SDI, DVB-ASI, SMPTE 310M. It has two kinds: 8RU and 4RU. It supports 128X128 input and output channels. It has monitor bus. Evertz VIPX multi-screen system, capable of cooperation with matrixes like EVERTZ  EQX, XENON, and EMR. Its patented XLINK realizes the display of matrix signal source to a TV wall, enabling "ANY IN,ANY OUT,ANY DISPLAY,ANY WHERE,ANY SIZE". With visualized TV wall operation software and dynamic UMD software, the system splitter is much easier to adjust to meet layout adjustment fast under various situations.