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The New Building's Large Studio Group System Integration Project of FUJIAN Media Group


Fujian Large Studio Group consists of 5 large or medium-sized studios with the areas listed from small to large, 400 m2, 600 m2, 800 m2, 1000 m2, and 1500 m2 respectively and centralized controlled by the HD control room on the 2nd floor and the SD control room on the 3rd floor. The most important characteristic of it is that appropriate amount of HD camera cables have been laid in every studio which makes it possible to make large, middle or small-scale programs separately through the HD camera cable patch panels in the control room on the second floor and to cascade 2 or more studios, which helps the program and its scale to reach a new height. Besides the HD camera cables, the SD camera Tri-Coaxial Cables are also laid in the 400 m2 and 600 m2 studios, which can be used to make middle or small-scale programs separately by using the SD control room on the third floor. The control rooms not only can be used with each studio separately but also can be cascaded for live broadcast or simultaneous recorded broadcast of large-scale programs or several evening parties.
Fujian Large Studio Group employs SONY MVS-8000GSF primary switcher, SONY MFS-2000 standby switcher. The characteristics of the Sony switcher are convenient, user-friendly and powerful. Two control rooms share one EVERTZ XE8-3232HX-XLINK 128x128 router, and HD and SD signals can be automatically identified. In conjunction with the same brand VIP-X Video Multiplexers, only one dedicated XLINK cable is needed and 16 channels' video signals can be transmitted , which not only saves wires and cables significantly but also guarantees the signal amplitude and signal indicators of HD Video signals. The EVERTZ 7700 and 7800 equipments in conjunction with router and Video Multiplexer system employed by the studio group peripherals enjoy more compatibility and stability. EVERTZ HD2014 is a 4 channel frame synchronizer, scaler audio embedder/disembedder that can also transfer the HD, SD signals into analog composite video signals. TERANEX VC100 scaler comes with the functions of frame synchronization, test signal generator and audio embedder/disembedder. The two of them compose the frame synchronization and the video, audio formats transformation system of the large studio, stably and flexibly.
Fujian Large Studio Group can record a wide variety of programs, including large-scale variety shows, evening parties, interviews and other entertainments as well as the live broadcast of any other programs.