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Chongqing TV 's HD OB Van


The quadrennial Olympic Games always make the people's heart sing! China won the status to host the 2008 Olympic Games in 2001, which was destined to bring a technological innovation and rapid progress to domestic rebroadcasting industry. In consideration of this opportunity, Chongqing Broadcasting Group (HQ) started the project of high digital outside broadcasting (HD OB) Van as early as in the middle of 2006. Its HD OB Vans would be officially hired by Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (BOB) for the full coverage of volleyball matches. Through half a year's furious competition of system integration capability and test on core products, NDT turned out to be the top-class both in the areas of system integration solution and the technical performance of core products. In the final international competitive bidding, NDT won the largest share of the HD OB Van project with multiple advantages, such as its incomparable technology and very competitive prices, and providing the core components of the following equipments: switchers, router, video multiplexers, video & audio peripherals, slow motion controllers. During the live broadcast of the Olympic volleyball matches, our mature and high-performance system achieved very good broadcast results and received high appraisals from the international broadcasting organization.