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Beijing TV: 6+3 Channel Digital TV OB Van


This 6+3 Channel Digital TV OB Van uses a lot of top end equipment including Digital Cameras, Digital Video Switcher, Slow-motion Disk-Recorders, large Digital Routers and other Peripherals. The system integration work is highly appraised by the customer.
The challenge of this project is the re-engineering of the 6+3 channels requirement onto an existing 4 Channel OB Van. Limited footprint is a huge issue.  Through careful design and thorough discussion with the customer, NDT successful makes the production van roomy with a good balance of loading through a lot of new designs, e.g. by employing LCD panels to replace CRTs, re-designed the audio booth, modified the position of the entrance, modified the technical area with compact systems and etc.
The van has successfully completed many mission including coverage of the Beijing Marathon, International Tourism Year Parade, Athen Olympics Torch relay and etc.