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Southern TV's HD OB Van


Southern TV's HD OB van is designed with 14-channel camera as a large-scale outside broadcasting system, which will serves as Southern TV's major broadcasting tool with the capacity of production and live broadcasting for medium and large-scale variety show programs during the following 5 years. And its audio-visual systems are formed as a versatile outside broadcasting and production platform which is able to satisfy the customer's daily work requirements. SONY undertakes the project and, as SONY's good long-term partner, NDT is in charge of its system integration and providing main relevant supporting equipments.
The OB van is designed to cascade 6-channel HD portable relay systems. Its system is capable to process up to 20 camera channels and 6 paths of incoming signals. The design of the OB van system is based on its HD core and its output terminal is compatible with SD production by means of downward shifting. And the system takes the central router as the center of signal dispatch with its main HD switchboard as its core design for production. The supporting HD shift panel serves as main emergency shift panel and assisting in the production of programs/second set of programs. The output terminal takes downward shift mode to be compatible with SD signal output. The audio system has the functions of stereo and single channel program production, recording, transmission and monitoring, and with the functions of 5.1 Dolby surround stereo recording, transmission and basic monitoring. Signal monitor uses the mode of picture-split plus single screen display, supported with a UMD system. The OB van uses half-tow and single side drawer structure. Video router has the capacity of signal production and monitor sources' dispatch. Video switchboards and audio mixing console have multi-level shifting and classification, layered output capacities. The video monitoring system has the capacity of displayed signal source name tracking and structure adjustment, and dynamic management capacities and audio-visual systems' related production collaborative capacity (Audio follow video). Its Intercom system has rational layout and distribution. Its audio-visual systems have backup capacity to reserve expandability for the entire production system during progress of live broadcasting.
         10 SONY HDC1580HD cameras
         SONY MVS-8000GSF switchboards 
         SONY 6700 router
         EVERTZ  Audio/Video peripherals and processors, VIPA picture-splitters
LAWO  MC2 66 digital mixing console
Structure of the Van:
The length of the entire van is about 14.5m (incl. the headstock). The width of the van is about 3.8m after side extension is stretched.