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    BTV 2D/3D OB Van, the first domestic 3D OB van purchased by the customers, is the first new OB Van specifically made for 3D scene in China and even in Asia. Due to possessing the ability of 2D and 3D simulcast production, it also could be called 5D OB Van; With the adequate consideration of the challenge due to the increase of 3D layer and relaying position, the entire system and the layout design, using the design concept of small van body and huge platform, is showing the high efficiency that 2D and 3D relay in the same van. Setting the basic standard for 3D OB Van, BTV 3D OB Van determines the direction for the innovation of the next generation field production system.


    Adopting the foreign import cabinet manufacturing process, the van body is the type of straight hanging with bilateral pulling. With the compact and reasonable design, the whole van could include 8 wired channels+2 wireless channels+2 triple speed in 2D; while in 3D, it could include 5 stereo 3D channels + 2 2D transfer to 3D channels + 1 QC detection for 3D, which is also the straight hanging OB Van with the maximal capability of channel.