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Zhejiang Radio &TV Broadcasting Group 12+2-channel HD OB Van (#3)


At the begin of 2011, with its rich experience in large OB vans’ integration for TV stations, NDT successfully complete the integration project of 12+2-channel HD OB van (#3) for Zhejiang Radio &TV Broadcasting Group. And its examination and acceptance is completed in April 2011.


During the progress of the system integration, NDT follows the principle of convenience and availability and take full consideration of the system’s advantages in technology, the completeness of its functions, operational reliability and the flexibility of operation. HD production system is the OB van’s core and is capable of the SD production. The system design keeps pace with advanced international techniques in TV program production with complete emergency plan to give safe and fast emergency operation. The system has simple and clear operation with flexible signal allocation and convenient maintenance. The body design meets the relevant national standards with proper load margin reserved and expansion room to maximize the work space. 


Zhejiang Radio &TV Broadcasting Group 12+2-channel HD OB van not only can independently fulfill broadcasting tasks, but also cascade with the Group’s existing audio vans, HD vans and the TV station’s other relay systems to establish a large scale TV live broadcast and relay system.