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Typical Model of Tianjin IPTV

 (1) Live Broadcast Coding System

Generator of various content sources, e.g. TV media, movie producers, news media bodies, remote education organization, game operators, and etc.

 (2) Content Service System

Make further edition and integration of content to provide users with IPTV business platform, which includes content edition, storage, distribution and management, and etc.

 (3) Integrated Broadcast Control System

In charge of transmitting IPTV’s information from business platform to user ends. This part of work can be divided into two subparts of“content irrelevant” and “content relevant.” “Content irrelevant” part includes backbone/MAN network and broadband access network, and etc. “Content relevant” part includes content distribution network (CDN), peer-to-peer (P2P) techniques, and etc.

 (4) Signal Monitor System

Main functions of the monitor system: with respect to satellite live broadcast, local transcoding output media stream signals show media stream business monitor to users. Media’s receiving and monitor equipment can show equipment’s independent states, including monitoring the signals of each point’s live broadcast, carousel, time-shift programs.

(5)Coding and Transcoding Platform System

NDT provides Tianjin IPTV project with the entire solutions of live broadcast encoding system. As the core signal processing platform, the system designed by NDT has a set of transcoding solutions adapted to Tianjin local IPTV program processing on the basis of system safety, stability and versatility to maximize the IPTV broadcast platform system’s program processing capability.