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Hunan Broadcasting System: IPTV Coding System Platform Project

In 2010, NDT contracted to build the Hunan Broadcasting System IPTV coding system platform, which is another outstanding project of all the IPTV coding system platform projects in China.

The highlight of the system platform is the employment of ERICSSON IPLEX video processors. The IPLEX video processing platform has a compact 1RU form factor with 8 function module slots, which is flexible and convenient to configure. With  this platform, it is possible for the users to choose different module cards as needed. An IPLEX video processor has two gigabit ethernet interfaces (SFP) which can input and output signals.  

The system platform was installed in the front of the center. Four chassises can support up to 24 SDI signals to MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) SD coding. For the traditional 5 signals, one chassise can support 5 MPEG-4 AVC SD coding. Sub-headends of the returning signals from different cities and districts use a single IPLEX video processor for 3 MPEG-4 AVC HD signals returning. The highlight of the solution is that the IPLEX processor with 6 MPEG-4 AVC SD coding module cards as standby and 1 SDI router in the front of the center can realize the hot standby of IPLEX Chassis 5+1 (coding module 29+6). Meanwhile, the excellent noise reduction and deblocking filtering technologies of IPLEX coding module guarantee the perfect quality of vidoes.