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Sichuan Broadcast, Film and TV Bureau Digital Satellite OB Van

This OB van system is a 6-channel HD satellite relay system, including 6 digital HD camera systems, and 2 digital wireless video camera channels reserved. The video system is designed for digital environment. All of the equipments meet digital program relay and production requirements. The video scheduling system is fulfilled with a digital video matrix, which is mainly in charge of scheduling production channel’s signals and the emergency program switch function.

satellite system

Main Functions Realized:

1.The system works on Ku waveband, adaptable to various weathers in normal work except for storm days;

2.The system takes MPEG-2 HD/SD for signal coding and DVB-S and DVB-S2 international standards for signal transmission;

3. Onboard outdoor 400W traveling wave tube high power amplifier (built-in U/C), 1+0 complete backup configuration;

4. The system has a complete monitor function, capable of real-time monitoring ASI signal sources, code-modulation output terminals, high power amplifier output end signals and self-loop receipt signals, fast determination and diagnosis of failure sources, which realizes manual or automatic switch;

5. Equipped with onboard antenna servo control system, GPS orientation, electronic compass, and etc.; automatic satellite access realized;

The satellite antenna system is accredited with qualifications by International Telecommunication Satellite Organization and the network access permits by Asia, Sinosat, Central Satellite and etc.;

Video System

  • Video camera: SONY HDC 1580
  • Switchers: SONYMVS-6000
  • Teranex VC80 SCCAA-2CH-LCP up/down cross converter with frame synchronization in the system

Audio System This audio system is composed of active/standby sound consoles, I/O interfaces, audio peripheral equipment (CD and DVD players, and etc.), monitoring and supervising equipments.

Call System

 Internal call system shall adapt to large-scale program broadcast production as needed.

Clock System

In this system, we equipped a GPS clock signal generator, 1 countdown clock generator, 1 clock signal allocator, 2 clocks and 1 countdown clock.

Synchronous System

Evertz MCS5600 main/standby synchronous machines

Evertz 5600ACO2 synchronous signal negator

TALLY system

UMD&TALLY system (developed by NDT ).

Intelligent Monitor System

NDT intelligent monitor system is (developed by NDT)