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Guangdong TV Domestic 3G HD SNG Van

With an eye to the development trend of FHD, the State Administration of Radio Film and Television (SARFT) requires to achieve an essential level at both aspects of high definition rate and simulcast rate and to realize FHD. In consideration of the development of 3G, NDT, together with Guangdong TV, made this 3G HD SNG van. Besides the rigorous technological requirements, the materials selected are light, convenient and heat-resistant and the van body design follows aesthetic principles. It is said that this SNG van has been put into use and successfully fulfilled tasks of programs being capable of simultaneously transmitting two HD programs.


Body & Equipment Design Features

This SNG van is 9m long, 2.5m wide (the maximum width allowed by the state) and its trailer has sufficient interior room. The airbag shock absorber on the base gives much intensified buffering and damping capacity than conventional steel plates, which brings much smoother journey and better protects to electronic and mechanical equipments.

Ku waveband satellites are usually chosen for mobile SNG vans for their small size and easy carriage. However, Ku waveband is sensitive to the weather while South China has heavy rainfalls, fast weather changes and high content of acid in rain. Guangdong TV chose C waveband for the consideration of the local climate and also the aspect of international development. “As one of the three direct international signal exit (the other two are Beijing and Shanghai), Guangzhou can take C-waveband’s advantage of international access to transmit programs overseas for foreign renting.”

This SNG van has quite a few bold and untraditional innovations. For instance, it skillfully solved the troublesome antenna configuration to keep original dimensions of the Ø2.4m antenna selected. C-waveband SNG vans usually make the horizontal dimension of antenna’s parabolic reflector from 2.4m to 2.2m to avoid antenna’s conflict with the van body at either end, which results in gain loss besides cosmetic impairment. Nevertheless, this 3D SNG van has only a teen-centimeter interval between the antenna and the body. Moreover, the antenna is completely hidden in the top of the body, which requires high antenna retraction precision. With these factors, we make it into double tier mechanical limits. Gears drive the retraction to avoid vibration of equipment. Retraction of satellite antenna is a vital process. We adopt shop staff’s idea to use a cross laser signal generator for vertical orientation. In comparison with conventional lead weights, cross laser signal generator allows precise determination of the vertical state of the satellite antenna in retraction process, simply placed on the ground with light beam adjusted on the antenna surface.

Besides, this van has onboard power supply system, capable of operation with mains or self-power generation. Operation is thus maintained upon any unexpected situation. All of main onboard equipment is equipped with UPS.

This SNG van is capable of all-weather, all-road situation live news broadcast. Like a “never-sunk relay cruiser,” it can independently fulfill satellite transmission and site program live broadcast and transcription and realize site shooting and production of HD videos with 3G real-time transmission function.