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Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation HD Satellite Transmission Van

Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation HD Satellite Transmission Van mainly consists of ERICSSON state-of-the-art CE encoder, SM6625 modulator, ADVENT HD1.8 meter aerial, XICOM400W Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier and a monitoring management system. CE encoder is the most advanced encoder at present which supports MPEG-2 HD & SD encoding and MPEG-4 HD & SD encoding. The SM6625 modulator supports DVB-S and DVB-S2 and has the high quality RF output.

The System’s characteristics are as follows:

  • Security: The system has perfect and independent primary and standby links. And all the links have extremely high reliability when the system is in operation. The system also has the simple and prompt emergency scheme.
  • Advancement: The system design employs stable, mature and advanced technologies which have successful cases of actual use. The means of TV program production keep pace with international advanced broadcast technologies. The system’s function and performance is advanced to some extent.
  • Practicality: The system design is suitable for the satellite transmission of HD programs, and it can meet the requirements of small-scale HD program production and support the prompt SNG field connection for emergencies.
  • High Degree of Control: The system is designed with unified and good monitoring and control platform through which users can carry out the parameter settings for key equipments and conduct status monitoring, through which users can have a real-time control over the operating status of each equipment and make real-time adjustment to equipments’ parameters.