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Project of IBC System, Main Stadiums and 52 Venues' System Integration for Guangzhou 2010 Asian Game


IBC Contribution, Distribution and Transmission (CDT)
Contribution, Distribution and Transmission (CDT) system is the center of GAB signal transmission, switching and distribution. The system manages the contribution, distribution, transmission and monitoring of signal, which is the center of signal processing and might be deemed as the CPU of Asian Games' relay system. In the Games, CDT system uses the input and output video signal format of HD/SD16:9-SDI (embedded audio); all kinds of wires and cables from the exterior entered into CDT system have passed to the input stage terminal boards of the system first, which realizes the isolation of the system; all wirings used to connected CDT's systems are placed into the input and output stage terminal boards which realizes the physical isolation of systems. The entire system is of the features of simplicity, security and easy operation
IBC Commentary Switching Center (CSC)
Commentary Switching Center (CSC) is a system for commentary and operation intercom. The system consists of two sectors of functions, operation intercom and commentary. The former is composed of the collaborative intercom for IBC's internal GAB work, the collaborative intercom between IBC and each venue, and the intercom between IBC and scheduled right holders. The latter is composed of the entire converge of all venue commentary sound to CSC and the redistribution of the commentary sound returned from each venues to broadcasters. gg
IBC Signal Recording and Processing Center (MAP)
MAP's main tasks are recording and logging live signals, offering users search and download services of stored materials for sharing, the processing and broadcast of GAB programs and renting production resources.
MAP has four main function sectors: signal recording and logging, material search and download, GAB program processing and broadcasting , and the rental services of production resources.
IBC The Producing Quality Control Center of Relay Signal (PQC)
PQC, producing quality control center, is mainly composed of 5 teams and a supervisor. CDT sends signals to the screen of each team through a picture splitter for monitoring. The supervisor monitors a separate large screen. Signals are selected by a router penal. The Asian Games of 5 BeautyCam scenery cameras are monitored by PQC.
Venue Relay Signal Monitor and Transmission Technical Operating Centers (TOC)
The Asian Games' live broadcast venues adopt the mode of broadcast compound areas, which are composed of processing, transmission, logistics supporting equipment and equipments. Technical Operating Center (TOC), located in the broadcast compound areas, is used for monitoring the quality of signals from international radio and TV. And, it provides signals of various formats in accordance with the reservations of each Rights Holders Broadcaster (RHB) at the same time. Technical Operating Center (TOC) is the audio-visual signal transmission centers of GAB, Rights Holders Broadcaster (RHB) at the venue and International Broadcast Center (IBC) Contribution, Distribution&Transmission (CDT). GAB is also connected with big screens in venues and onsite soundboxes (sports presentation) through TOC. The Games have 39 TOCs. In Guangdong Olympic Center stadium, Asian Games Town's Complex Gymnasium, Tianhe Stadium, and etc., one broadcast compound area controls the relay of several small venues. Located in the compound areas, TOCs are technical equipments providing public and unilateral signal processing distribution, transmission and quality monitoring as the extension of IBC CDT functions at venues. Signal transmission between TOCs and IBC is based on China Telecom's network. Therefore, TOCs are the signal transmission access point to compound areas in venues which brings in the standardized management of transmission signals.