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Master Control System Integration Project of Fujian Broadcasting Center's New Building


The master control system of Fujian Broadcasting Center's new building is the exchange center for all signal nodes of the entire center and its internal and external signal nodes and also the pivot of the entire center's collection and dispatch of technical system signals.
Main Functions:
Collecting all optical, microwave, satellite, and live studio signals needed by all sectors of the center and CCTV's and live signals sent by satellites and optical fibers, which are processed and distributed and dispatched together to user sectors (including the master system) in the unified way.
Realizing the synchronous phase locking of technical systems and providing fiducial time signals for the entire center.
Offering monitor and UMD system ;
Realizing the alarm-soundings of the equipment and signals' monitoring and Controlling.
System Composition:
Master control system is composed of master control router, peripheral equipment system , synchronous phase locking and clock fiducial system , monitor and UMD system , satellite receiving system , and equipment and signal monitor and alarm systems.
Main Equipment Provided:
EVERTZ Audio/Video peripherals and processors; MVP Multi-viewe system; optical transmit-receive equipment; L-Band router system.
ERICSSON satellite receivers
UMD system and equipment test system independently developed by NDT
Features of Master Control System:
Security and reliability: this feature is primarily required to a master control system. Therefore, we select stable and reliable hardware and some excessive designs to guarantee that no single breakdown point is left in the system.
Advanced rationality: the consideration of convenient operation is sufficiently taken into the master control system's design, which should also complies with work flows and patterns of all other internal departments to reduce signal relay links and and the amount of operaiton to the utmost.
Flexible Extension: Master control system will not be changed for some years once it's finished. Therefore, we chosed the core equipments of flexible expandability, e.g. router numbers, expandability of channels, vertical shift, all of them shall have margins for extension. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the dispatch flexibility of the system to fully and timely meet the demand of broadcasting, signal exchange, and program production departments.
Simplicity and applicability: within the premise of meeting all the functional requirements, design for master control system strives to obtain simplicity and clear logical structure. The simplest system design can provide the best broadcasting security.