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Guangdong TV's Intelligent Master Control Project


In early 1990s, Guangdong TV Center was completed and launched. Guangdong TV's analogue master control system undertook the entire station's signal dispatch work. At the beginning of the new century, the station made digital reconstruction on part of its master control with the opportunity of the 9th national sports games. A single large digital router was formed as the dispatch center in combination with some small analogue routers as its technical mode. However, the master control system cannot meet the demand of development with the fast development of its business, the popularization of HD and IT technology, and the rising demand of safe broadcasting in recent years. New ideas and design are in urgent need to form a brand-new intelligent hi-tech master control system for Guangdong TV.
NDT undertakes the design integration for Guangdong TV's new master control system according to its actual demand. A master control system is the place concentrating all internal and external signals and data. It internally keeps close connection with the master control system, production departments, news centers, TV play centers, and etc., and externally with network providers, telecommunication, transmission stations, the general microwave station, earth station, and etc. It is the key technical issue for the system design to properly solve the internal and external signal and data transmission, connection, exchange and processing links. The whole project integration is commenced in June 2008 and launched into use in July. Being safe, reliable, flexible and convenient, the system perfectly fulfilled Guangdong TV's demand during Beijing Olympic Games, and won favorable comments from all over the station.