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Zhejiang Master Control System


The general construction target of Zhejiang master control system project is "1+2+10+4+1", i.e. 1 master control system, 2 brand-new HD&SD simulcast channels, 10 brand-new SD broadcast channels, expansion of 4 SD broadcast channels and 1 HD&SD simulcast minimum backup channels, of which the last is an independent system.
The new system mainly includes the following special subsystems: an main/standby 256¡Á256 master control matrix scheduling system, a broadcast control system, a minimum backup broadcast system, a delay broadcast system, an auto-broadcast and file backup system, and network administration, and etc.
The new system will realize the file push and distribution in the entire TV station's network frame£¬as a digital network HD broadcast platform conforming to the features of any-media broadcast. Following the concepts of "safe, practical, economic, versatile," we fully considered the use of the equipment in existing broadcast system to reduce the cost of system reconstruction. Meanwhile, we think over the further use of equipment when selecting the system frame and equipment trying our best to form a highly cost-effective and practical TV broadcast system.