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Shenzhen TV: 12 Channel Master Control and Presentation system


The Master Control and Presentation system is definitely the most important system in the new Shenzhen TV Complex official debut in January 2005. The system is fully digital with embedded audio over all the facilities.
A 128 x 96 router forms the core of the Master Control system. In addition, there is another 64 x 64 router switching signals for satellite feeds, SDH demodulators, fiber-optic terminals and etc. The centre also set the reference for all synchronizing signal, clock system and intercom system. The presentation system comprises of 10 SD and 1 HD program channels sub-system. All the on-air signal sources will distribute through a 64 x 64 router to feed to a main master control switcher and an auxiliary master control switcher together with the Server for all the 10 channels output. All the systems are networked together with status monitoring, control and alarm function.
This project employs the most advanced technologies in both broadcasting and IT. It represents a successful case in implementing the highest level of excellence in modern TV operation and engineering work.