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The Project for Master Control of New-Sited Guangzhou TV Station
The master control of new-sited Guangzhou TV Station plays the important roles of signal controlling and monitoring of the whole station. The digital multi-format full station master control system is the core of television signal processing and the hub of the signal exchange among various technical systems within the whole station or between the internal systems and the external systems, monitoring, tuning, handling and controlling various broadcast video and audio signals (including the studio signals, satellite-receiving signals, broadcast live microwave signals, etc.).
System composition
  • System structure: using an HD/SD compliant system with HD/SD adaptive inputs and outputs.
  • Matrices: Master control: Evertz EQX, 270x270 channels, active / backup architecture. Sub-control: Xenon, 128x128 channels, active / backup architecture.
  • Frame splitting system: the multi-frame displaying system with X-LINK+VIPX modular matrix linkage-type master control.
  • Monitors: Panasonic TH-60PF30CE, TH-50PF30CE, PVM-1741 (technical supervision) and DT-C17E4G monitors
  • The system used for the synchronization of the whole station: the Tektronix Synchronization System
  • Technical supervision system: the Tektronix Technical Supervision System
  • TALLY source name: source name followed dynamic TALLY
  • Clock system: the GPS Clock System
  • Monitoring system: the active and backup intelligent monitoring systems
Highlights of master control 
  • Powerful and flexible signal controlling capabilities and high security level: We choose the hardware and redundancy designed with stable performance to ensure no single point of collapse occurs in the system.
  • Rational design technology and all-intelligent monitoring system: The sophisticated technology enables more optimized running of the whole system and the 24-hour monitoring system enables the more perfect system.