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CCTV: Multi-Channel Disk-base Automation Broadcast System


The Multi-Channel Disk-base Automation Broadcast system in CCTV is now equipped to support 24 Channels of SD program and 4 Channels of HD program. The system is built according to a logical work flow with network linking each key component. This highly increases productivity and efficiency in the operation. The system can be divided into Server system, Near-line Storage system, Audio/Video system, Technical and Monitoring system, Control system, Synchronization system, Clock system and Power Supply system.
In order to further strengthen the reliability, expandability and flexibility, the Server system is sub-divided to "Upload", "Storage" and "Play out" sections. With customized system design and packaging, the system addresses various specific requirements from CCTV. The overall result and performance is highly appreciated and satisfied. The system is now being used in all sorts of program channels everyday