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Master Control System Integration Project of Jiangsu Broadcasting and Television City's New Building


The master control system of Jiangsu Broadcasting and Television City's new building has the architecture of the five large-scale routers, including one 256X256 HD/SD digital video router, three 128X128 SD digital video routers and a 32X32 EVERTZ L-Band router, as the core to dispatch all internal and external signals transmission which include microwave, satellite, studio, and optical fiber signals, and forms a master control playout system of 12 public channels and 6 digital subscription channels. All master control and broadcasting systems are closely connected achieving the flexible signal dispatch among the systems. The signals of the entire system take audio-to mode for exchange and transmission. The signal dispatch system assigns various signals' orientation according to their sources and output functions for the entire town to give clear-cut functions and convenient management and maintenance. The monitor on the master control and playout systems takes multi-image splitting mode to give large-scale and distinguishing flows on the display of the great volume of signals, which makes it easily for direct and timely reflection of its real-time situations.
In view of the concentrated and complex system structure, the great quantity of equipments and the issues of equipment's mutual backup and interchange for safe broadcasting, we employ as many products of the same brand as possible and all products from the entire product line produced by manufacturers who have comparatively long product lines for the system design. Therefore, we use EVERTZ's products for picture splitters and all system peripherals to fulfill the tasks of signal monitor, distribution, synchronization, and video AD/DA conversion, etc..