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Guangzhou Asian Games' IBC system, main stadiums and 52 venues' system integration
Movie-channel: HD/SD system expansion
Beijing TV (new premise) Broadcast Relay Department: providing equipment and system integration
Beijing TV Broadcasting Department's comprehensive usage building: equipment procurement for Equipment Room 14008
Beijing TV: HD/SD simulcast provisional system and playout system reformation
Chongqing Broadcasting Group's Chongqing Broadcasting Building construction project, radio & TV master control Audio/Vedio system (containing intercom system) design and integration
Chongqing Broadcasting Group: playout system expansion
Chongqing's cell-phone TV playout system platform construction
Fujian TV: new building, master control phase II
Zhejiang Radio & TV Broadcasting Group: entire TV playout system reformation
Guangdong TV: HD master control system
Guangdong TV: HD broadcasting signal and exchanger system
Guangdong TV: broadcasting switchboard equipment
Anhui TV: HD master control system
Hainan Broadcasting Group: TV master control system integration
Hainan TV: TV master control system
Shaanxi TV: 12-channel digital hard disc playout system design and general integration
Shanxi General Broadcasting & TV Station: public channels' broadcasting reformation
Guangzhou TV's Competition Channel: procurement of equipment for system reformation and related services
Macao TDM Radio: digital TV master control and playout system