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Zhejiang Radio & TV Broadcasting Group's Master Control and Playout System Integration Project


Zhejiang Radio & TV Broadcasting Group's master control and playout system is designed for the environment compatible with HD/SD. The equipment is qualified to all internal and external program transmission and dispatch. The system has two subsystems, one for master control and the other for channel broadcasting. The former mainly collects signals needed by internal departments from satellites, optical transmission, microwaves, live studio program, and telecast live from OB vans , and the signals transmitted through microwaves and optical fiber from CCTV, weather bureaus and other local TV stations which are distributed and dispatched in a unified way to playout,headend and recording systems after rectified; the latter has 14+1 common broadcasting channels in total, including 14 SD channels and one HD/SD broadcasting channel. Besides, one standby HD and HD/SD simulcast channel is to be newly built.
NDT provided Zhejiang Radio & TV Broadcasting Group with EVERTZ's entire solutions which adopted EVERTZ's latest reliable, stable and versatile router EQX and the multi-image splitter VIP dependent on the platform, brand-new 7800 peripheral processing module, NDT's independently developed master control and monitor system and multi-image of monitor dispatch system.
EQX router platform is EVERTZ's flagship router dispatch and distribution solution, featured in its multi-format support, automatic source-to-source setup, high stability, 24/7 work design, and fully modularization. All key sectors of the system, e.g. junctions, cabinet control cards, power supply, fans, and etc., have backup copies to guarantee the system's high reliability. 
The signal monitoring system takes the mode of monitoring important signals with specified multi-image plus dynamic UMD to guarantee the security of major signals while the flexibility and expandability are greatly improved.