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Master Control System Integration Project of Chongqing Broadcasting Group’s New Building
We designed a HD/SD compatible environment for the master control system of Chongqing Broadcasting Group’s new building. The equipment is qualified for the HD programs’ transmission and dispatch. The system can dispatch SD programs under the HD processing environment. This master control system has two sub-systems, i.e. master control dispatch system of Chongqing Broadcasting Group’s new building and its supporting system. The former has the main functions of collecting all signals from satellites, optical transmission, microwaves, live studio program, and telecast live from OB vans needed by internal departments, and the signals transmitted through microwaves and optical fibers from CCTV, Sichuan TV, and etc. which are distributed and dispatched in a unified way to playout, headends and recording systems after rectified; The latter has the mainly functions of A/D, D/A, SDI multiplexer, de-multiplexer, format conversion, and etc., and realizing the uniform distribution of processed signals and signal exchange of internal subsystems. 
NDT provides the Group with entire EVERTZ solutions which adopt the EVERTZ’s latest highly reliable, flexible and stable router EQX and mutli-picture splitter VIP basing on the platform, brand-new 7800peripheral processing module and NDT’s independently developed master control monitor system and TV-wall multi-image dispatch system.