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OB Van&Studio

EVS XT[2]Live/Studio Production & Playout Server
The world's leading broadcasters have consistently chosen EVS video production and playout
servers for their outstanding picture quality, reliability and versatility. In live sport, entertainment<

EVS XS Studio Production Server
XS is a new generation of intelligent production servers specifically designed for studio applications.

SONY MVS-8000 series switcher
SONY MVS-8000 series is a video processing system with advanced technology and design. They can be widely used in high level SD/HD studio,OB van and post-production. The products of this series suppor

EMC Master Control Switcher
he 3025EMC Master Control Switcher has been designed to meet the growing needs in today's ever-changing Master Control environment. The 3025EMC platform provides a cost-effective solution for faciliti

ALEXA Fiber Remote Option
ARRI ALEXA - the most complete multi-purpose camera system: ALEXA¡ˉs superior image and product quality, transformed to the needs of broadcast style multi-camera productions with live editing and

VSM (Virtual Studio Manager)
A VSM control system brings together all the requirements for a safe and flexible broadcast operation. The ¡°everything under one roof¡± philosophy unites technical devices and operators in

3ality Rig+SIP
The 3ality Technica Pulsar is designed to accommodate mid-sized high resolution digital cameras, with ENG-style or PL lenses.The 3ality Technica Stereo Image Processor 2101 (SIP-2101) is the definitiv

ARRI L-Series
Whereas other LED fixtures have taken forms that demand sacrifices in the quality of lighting designs, the L-Series is unique in that it fits perfectly into established working practices. This means t