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Lawo V__pro 8
Closing the gap between video and audio.

mc²6 Performance, pure and dggf
A good console just got even better.Compact, flexible, versatile. With a resourceful engine underthe hood, there抯 plenty of power to handle any situation.It is easy to understand, and intuitive

The compact MADI router for mid-sized studios

When challenging situations have to be tackled, and your work is the centre of attention, Lawo’s mc266 provides the ideal solution — because it is, above all, a tool completely tailored to the needs o

mc²56 – Performance, pure and simple.2

DALLIS intece system
DALLIS is a very flexible I/O system which provides a broad range of plug-in cards. The mounting frame is connected via a central master card (available with ATM or MADI interfaces) which initiates a

Nova73 HD
Router for medium-size and larger installations

The digital router for smaller configurations

Nova73 compact - The little big router.
A large capacity for major tasks into 7RU.

Innovason Eclipse - Push the limits
Eclipse GT is the world’s first digital console to offer fully integrated multi-track recording via the unique M.A.R.S Multi-track Audio Recording System. It is also incredibly powerful for its tiny f

AES/EBUx4 - digital audio splitter x 4
Elman AES/EBUx4 is a Digital Audio Splitter Panel for 4 channel housed in a 1RU rugged metal case and using balanced lines with transformers and XLR connectors.

sapphire - A step ahead
With the sapphire, a mixing console has become available that combines the best of both worlds. Our latest console for radio broadcast is not limited to proven cutting-edge technology but also offers

With the crystal, Lawo offers the ideal mixing console for broadcasters who want to be on air - now. With high-quality technology, made in Germany. With a well thought-out, user-friendly control surfa