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Coolux-3D projection

3D projection, and the giant screen fusion technology in the application of the radio and television programmes
Pandora box is a real-time Video Processing and Showcontrol system. It has outstaing performance especially in vedio play-back, real-time 3D display and so on.The Pandora Box system has been widely applied in occasions like event shows,product conference,TV shows and so on. As long as you have awesome ideas, the system can turn the imagination into reality. 
  • Main Control:Pandoras Box Manager
Timeline editing and clients control
  • Play:Pandoras Box Player &Pandoras Box Server
The real-time video and audio processing
  • Interaction:Widget Designer
DIY UI and interaction control, just like an Ipad 
  • Multimedia editting:Pandoras Box Editor
Software for clips editing and output
Pandoras Box Workstation
Hardware Workstation
  • Accessories:Jog Shuttle、Fader Board 
Useful tools for system control
Coolux presentation in broadcasting market
Voting Germany: Conversation program
                                                                                                         Frag doch mal die Maus 2009                             ZDF Wetten Dass2-an interesting TV program
                                                                                                                  Music program                                                         Real-time 3D compositing
Broadcast system for Real-time edtting and playing
Diagram of main and standby system
Coolux product solutions:
  • Passive mode:mainly suit for low budget project,which need almost no control.
Both Pandoras Box Media Player and Pandoras Box Media Server can runs without control devices.
Pandoras Box Server Dual x1
  • Active mode:the most common used way.All the servers and players are controlled by PB Manager.

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