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EVS&AVID application solutions

Fast seamless multichannel recording and editing system ——EVS&AVID application solutions 4Krecord and off Line editing process
With sustainable development of broadcast technology, the concept of 4k is increasingly accepted by people. Consumers have no ultimate sensory experiences for images, however, the content of 4k is further improvement of high definition. 4k is not just 4-times the extension of high definition resolution, and even reaches 10-12bit in the color depth aspect in contrast with the 8bit of high definition; in the audio track aspect, eight tracks can be recorded simultaneously, and in combination with more vivid and finer frames, we can have better sensory experiences.
The fast seamless multi-channel recording and editing system is a multi-element program production system. Key words can be summarized as multi-channel, 4k, and real-time editing and broadcasting. The system is called a multi-channel audio/video recording production system which is integrated with two brands, namely EVS and AVID. EVS is good at multi-channel recording and slow motion replay, and especially is capable of realizing ordered dispatching and ensuring smooth process of program production in occasions such as sports events. AVID, as a leading manufacturer of non-linear editing, has done rich exploration in various solutions of program production. Due to the powerful combination of the two giants, the powerful multi-channel recording production system is formed; besides, as the two manufacturers have collaborative experience of many years, various inteces of hardware and software are complementary to each other and optimized for a long time, and therefore, EVS and AVID can be organically integrated and are compatible with each other best.
Workflow of Fast Seamless Multi-channel Recording and Editing System
The live multi-camera first step is that the video server XT3 of EVS controls recording and replay; XT3 is capable of supporting the recording of 12 channels of HD or 3 channels 4K at most; the server guarantees no interruption in the whole process of a program until ending by use of a cyclic recording. The video server XT3 is connected with a gateway XSTORE which is in charge of the packaging of files, dynamic multiple-address distribution, and real-time transcoding. An original file recorded by EVS is generated into an agent format by the interaction file of EVS and the media asset management system INTERPLAY of AVID at the same time, and then goes into an online storage system AVID ISIS7000. The full-redundancy technology is adopted for ISIS7000; each engine is provided with 16 hard disks, with the maximum storage capacity of 128T; mutual redundant backups are created between every hard disks; ISIS storage supports extension to 24 engines at most; the more the extended storage is, the shorter the time of system reconstruction after hard disk failure is and the higher the security is. The workstation MC and the audio workstation, the two of which are connected with ISIS, are capable of invoking the sequence of materials by using AMA for editing; at last, the edited sequence is rendered in real time and output, and then returned to the gateway XSTORE and the video server XT3 of EVS for replay, and further released through the TM server of AVID. 

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