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3ality Rig+SIP


The 3ality Technica Pulsar is designed to accommodate mid-sized high resolution digital cameras, with ENG-style or PL lenses. Numerous mid-sized and box-style cameras can be mounted on a Pulsar, including the, RED EPIC, SI-2K, Sony EX3, and Sony P1. Integrating smaller form-factor cameras increases your production's flexibility and mobility, possible the use of tripods, jib-arms, and miniature dollies.
Distinguished by its modularity and versatility, the 3ality Technica Quasar offers eight axes of control, multiple lens options for cinema and broadcast, and the ability to stand alone or integrate into multicamera production situations, The Technica Quasar provides the production crew with the flexibility it needs to meet the requirements of each shot or camera position.
The 3ality Technica Stereo Image Processor™ 2101 (SIP-2101) is the definitive stereo video processing device for High Definition (HD) digital video streams. Designed for production, post-production, and distribution environments, the SIP-2101 provides a number of functions designed to optimize the stereoscopic image pair. The , integrated web-based intece provides the user - whether it's the stereographer on a live shoot, an editor in a post-production house, or the quality assurance operator in a broadcast center - with complete stereo information for every shot. When integrated with 3ality Technica's precisely-automated rigs in production environments, corrections are applied dynamically, resulting in near pixel-perfect S3D imagery right from the camera.

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