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Nova73 HD


Nova73 HD — Router for medium-size and larger installations
Set up, connect, and switch on.
Anyone who chooses a Nova73 HD has clearly decided for cutting-edge technology, absolute serviceability and an easy-to-operate user intece. The HD technology offers everything you would expect from a modern router — 96kHz operation, Dolby-E compatibility, and clock-synchronised switching to video frames or internal DSP. But what makes the Nova73 HD really special is that all its features are deliberately designed to be easy to use — an enormous advantage both in day-to-day operation, during installation and maintenance.
Nova73 HD features
In terms of performance, what makes Nova73 HD so persuasive is its massive potential of up to 8,192 inputs/outputs, available via RAVENNA, AES3, MADI and SDH/STM-1inteces but all in a compact 10U package. In terms of configuration and user friendliness, Nova73 HD features a hot-plug capability and online configuration that even allows you to expand and change the system during live broadcasts. In terms of security, Lawo’s STAR² technology provides maximum redundancy and fail-safe operation. When it comes to performance and reliability, all the facts speak in favour of Nova73 HD.

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