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Based on the full IP architecture of a new generation of radio and television systems——SDVN video network solution SDVN is an acronym for Software Defined Video Networking. The Evertz SDVN is a new IP-based video network solution with the flexibility of IP and the reliability of baseband.
The SDVN 10GE solution developed by EVERTZ is leading the revolution in IP technology. The 10Gbps Ethernet-based core architecture developed by SDVN provides a flexible product independent from the format. This product supports 4K and 8K videos.
Using the extreme intelligent bandwidth exchange based switching, the solution exerts the potential of the 10GE / 100GE IP network to the maximum extent, while Evertz’s switching solutions enables the unprecedented scalability, efficient workflow and less investment and operating costs.
 SDVN architecture
SDVN features:
Ethernet infrastructure
Distributed routing
Pooling of resources and a linear path
Remote management of resources and staff
Effective use of resources
Simple control and service
SDVN switching products
DVN switching products mainly includes: EXE and I 10GE switching equipment, a series of media / video / audio integration and processing modules, DreamCatcher 10GE hard drive instant replay equipment and VIP10G IP image display processor. SDVN uses the MAGNUM control system that has won a plurality of awards so that operators can use the operating intece with the IP video transmission and baseband that they have been familiar with.
EXE-VSR Video services router
Main specifications:
Switching capacity: 46 Tb/s 
2304 10GbE ports can be accommodated in the 40RU chassis
No signal blocking
Transparent signal routing and management
Complete separation of control and data platforms
Fully modular non-blocking architecture
All modules are hot swappable with the industry's leading technology
Front and rear coolers 
SNMP module monitoring and network management system
13,800 HD uncompressed
100,000 JPEG2000 Streams 
10,000,000+ 4.5 Mb/s IPTV Streams
General hardware NAT – PORT, VLAN
ASI / SD / HD transmission stream multiplexer
Bulk ASI / IP MPTS to IP SPTS conversion
3080I --- Ethernet switch module
Main specifications:
High-bandwidth switch structure
Optional specifications of 64, 32 and 1610GbE ports
each single-channel 10GE link supports 6 channels of HD signals
Multicast label switching
Fixed packet routing
Control by MAGNUM and VistaLINK
3080IPG --- high-density IP gateway solution
Main specifications:
High density
Available conversion between IP and ASI
Bridging between compressed ASI signals and IP technology
Multicast label switching

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