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Advent NewSwift HD Motorised Antenna


       •    Available with 1.5m or 1.8m reflector
       •    Bands available via feed  cartridge exchange
             1.5m - C, X, Ku, DBS & Ka
             1.8m - C, X, Ku, DBS & Ka
       •    Full 3 axis control includes 360¡ãazimuth range
       •    GPS based auto satellite acquisition package available
       •    Integral Satellite  Datebase which automatically provides Antenna Pointing Data
       •    Tracking option with beacon  receiver
       •    Full remote control
       •    Eutelsat, Intelsat and Arabsat compliant
       •    All models are approved  for use with the majority of Satellite Providers
       •    Type - offset fed
       •    Configuration - prime focus
       •    Mount - elevation over azimuth
       •    Software upgradeable to auto-acquire (ACU5216) and integral ASI Demod
       •    Option for multi-band capability by cartridge exchange
       •    Available in any custom colour scheme

Tel:+ 86 10 96096811