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Link L3295 S High Power TX System


The L3295S system is a complete, portable high power COFDM system.
At the heart of the unit is the LinkXP wireless camera encoder/transmitter with class leading 40ms delay, composite, YUV SDI and ASI input options, Full 4:2:2 encoding and ultra-low power consumption. The LinkXP clips into the case via standard battery connectors (Anton Bauer, IDX or PAG) and can be easily removed for use as a wireless camera transmitter.
 L3295 Features
• Integrated high power COFDM TX in compact, weatherproof case
• Removable transmitter can be used for wireless camera applications
• Runs off 10-30VDC (separate mains PSU optional)
• Removable control panel for remote operation
• Weatherproof construction
• User intece via standard BNC and XLR connectors
• Compact and easy to carry-has shoulder strap and optional SUV/boat mount
• In-lid storage for antennas, cables etc.
• HD upgrade available NOW!

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