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Review of the BIRTV2009

2009 Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Equipment Exhibition was held in CIEC from August 26th to 29th in Beijing. NDT Group attended the exhibition with our latest equipment and solutions. Besides the equipment that fits into every sector of the operation of TV stations, we put emphasis on the Studio Director HD/SD System, 5.1 Surround Sound System and "Me On TV" Live Video Over The Mobile Networks(3G). All these advanced solutions attracted a great number of clients from many TV stations.


The Studio Director HD/SD System is the shining point in this exhibition. It is a flexible system for programming. With the whole system as the centre of control, it can dominate the switcher, playout server, camera, mixer & audio router system, title generator and countdown controller in the studio during the programming. Sony 8000 switcher, Sony 1580 camera, EVS XS playout server, Telemetrics orbit control system, LAWO Zirkon mixer & audio router system, Telex intercom system, Snell motion compensatd HD upconverter and NDT UMD software system were connected to show the whole operation of the automatic studio in the future, which makes great contribution to the HD/SD broadcasting for TV stations. This exhibition also showed the emergencies broadcasting between the studio and the reporter in the exhibition hall by Link Wireless Camera Microwave System. Apart from that, we also showed the live video solution "Me On TV" by a special interactive programme. The excellent solutions and exhibition effects were praised by many professionals in the field.


The 5.1 Surround Sound System which used the LAWO MC256 as the core is another brightness in NDT booth. Attached by the volume controller, CD player and surround sound decoder, playing the CD recorded with 5.1 format£¬this system can carry out the replay of 5.1 surround sound. The superexcellent effects attracted a lot of audience and they entered into the audio room to enjoy the wonderful experience.The latest automatic studio director system and 5.1 surround sound system demonstrated the prominent advantages of NDT.


With the emerging of new media, such as mobile TV, NDT introduced an innovative product "Me On TV" Live Video Over The Mobile Networks(3G). Ericsson's Me-On-TV solution allows mobile users to publish content or participate live on any screen ranging from PCs (websites) and mobile phones to television screens (TV shows). It turns audience into program-makers instead of the traditional way of screening and report. As a result of this, programs will be more interactive and the emergencies broadcasting will be more urgent. With the Mobile Networks(3G) and mobile phones, people are allowed to send the pictures they have screened to the TV stations every minute in everywhere. The content will be published after selecting by the TV station.


In the field of master control, NDT Group exhibited the new products from Evertz  including the EQX High Density Routing Platform, QMC Switcher, VIP-X Matrix & Multi-screen display system solution, HD2020 Multi-Path Video Converter and Frame Synchronizer as well as HD/SD broadcasting solution from SeaChange, LAWO VSM Studio Control System. In the field of the Digital TV Headend Platform, Tandberg's equipment, Netinsight Nimbra's High Capacity Multi-service Switch, IneoQuest IPTV Monitor System and RGB BNPxr Broadcast Network Processor were shown.


The exhibition of the wireless microwave transmission also caught many audience' s eyes. It consisted of the uPod Portable / Vehicle  Satellite Antenna System, Link HD wireless microwave system, Link XPc Compact wireless microwave transmitter and the equipment from MRC and Advent. With the introduction from experienced NDT engineers, many visitors operated the advanced system.


During the exhibition, NDT Group also exhibited the HD OB Van Of Karamay TV station outside the exhibition hall. The HD OB Van is 12 meters long and refited on the basis of Volvo Chassis. It is mainly equipped with the products from SONY. NDT is the equipment supplier and system integrator. We used the NDT TALLY system equipment. The HD OB Van of Karamay TV station was outstanding by its fashionable shape, advanced design, reasonable layout and safe system. The leaders from Karamay TV station and CEO of NDT joined the ribbon cutting ceremony held on the morning of 26th.

During the exhibition, a great number of audience visited NDT booth. Many clients spoke highly of our work. NDT Group will make great efforts for further development and do more contribution to the Radio & TV industry.

NDT support the Final of The Voice of China
NDT won Olympic contribution award at BIRTV 2008 Exhibition