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NDT won the honorary certificate issued by GAB


With the flame of 16th Asian Games extinguishing in the evening of 27th, November, 2010, the 16th Asian Games lowered the curtain successfully in Guangzhou, China. During the 15 match days, athletes, coaches and guests from all around Asian countries enjoyed a splendid, successful as well as harmonious Asian Games together.

With the 16th Asian Games coming to an end, the television broadcasting of games was spoken highly of by the public. Guangzhou Asian Games Broadcasting Company (short for GAB) awarded the honorary certificate issued by the president of GAB, Mr. Ma Guoli to the organizations and individual persons who has made great contributions to the successful broadcasting of 16th Asian Games. NDT won this honorary certificate for the remarkable work during the broadcasting during Asian Games.

As the general system integration of IBC in 16th Asian Games, NDT devoted to the integration work of IBC, main venues and 52 competition terrains of Asian Games with first-rate leaders, excellent engineers team, prominent technologies as well as advanced equipment. The whole project included the system integration of CDT, CSC, MAP, TOC and PQC. Apart from that, NDT was also responsible for the distribution and transmission of each unilateral and communal signal. NDT provided the high standard of specialization TV production service guarantee for the broadcasting agencies from all around the world. This honorary certificate is the confirmation for the technology strength of NDT. It is also the encouragement and reward of the achievement NDT has accomplished after overcoming all kinds of difficulties. NDT will seize this opportunity to enhance the technology strength and make great progress in the future.

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