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NDT group attended the 2012 Beijing International Television Technology Conference (ITTC)

On May 16th -18th, 2012 Beijing International Television Technology Conference is held ceremoniously (ITTC), vendor representative who come from the State Administration of radio, radio and television agencies and related ofmanufacturers gathered together to discussed the hot topic of technology of the radio and television, NDT group was invited to publish the theme report .

Recently, with the first national 3D channel launched and the 3D television programs running deep constantly,"3D" has undoubtedly become the technicalhot topic of this industry,as a new technology leader of the radio and television , NDT  cooperate with international partners in "3D", and accumulated a lot of rich produce experience. In the meeting on the afternoon of May 16th, NDT partner-3ality company CEO Steve Schklair make a speech about "the international advanced 3D program produce -3D program quality analysis and control ", technical director  Simon Tam translated in scene ,and they shared the latest advances in 3D technique,and give opinions about native 3D program production, which cause a great responses in public.

On The morning of May 17th,in the " Broadcasting technologyForum", XuXiangdong ,the general manager of the audio and radio career department in NDT,MrXu introduced the powerful and flexible management control system, which can bring the various advantages.

later on, the company will also attend the Shanghai TV Festival and the National Exhibition and other activities.


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