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NDT Group support the 13th national games successfully concluded

At 8 p.m. On September 21, 2017,the closing ceremony of the 13th was held in Tianjin Olympic stadium. The flag of the 13th was lowered slowly with the song, and the main torch went out. Those exciting days will be remembered by everyone forever.



NDT Group undertook the construction and technical support of the IBC center during the national games, and we done a very good job.Thanks to Tianjin broadcasting station for giving us cooperation opportunities, so we can show our technical strength and team spirit.


Now let's introduce the IBC center and our system, and how the system operates.


IBC general situation

The IBC center provides full-range HD signal service for TV media during the 13th national games in Tianjin, and it provided signal transmission, program production and other technical services, the rental services of broadcasting studio, unilateral comments, unilateral signal transmission, and unilateral editing room. The services can meet the games’ requirements completely.

IBC technical systems include IBC signal scheduling system, IBC resource sharing system, studio system, etc. Its customs are 23 television and broadcast media, and it provided the live broadcasting, collection, downloading and editing of public signals.

The national games have 48 competition venues, IBC  system should meet national games' 32 venues public signal, 6 view camera signal gathering, transmission scheduling requirements, also for the production of various rights holding broadcaster and provide not live venues ENG highlights signal.32 competition venues will live broadcast on radio and television. According to the plan of each broadcasting venue, the 2 channels of public signal and 2 unilateral signals are transmitted, and the total transmission of 140-channel HD signal to the broadcasting and television IBC dispatch machine room is carried out in 35 live venues.


System introduction

IBC core scheduling matrix and the matrix control management system are equipped with the convergence and distribution of all signals during the national games. The core scheduling matrix operated steadily and met all of the workers demand for signals. The matrix management system which is equipped with the core scheduling matrix, can manage the whole matrix and panel system is in a unified way, quickly adding and deleting panels, setting panel permissions, etc. And the system itself had supplied very beautiful WEB graphical interface configuration and controlled large number of remote matrix control panels, so that workers can operate it more easily, and they can get a good experience.

In the process of IBC signal transmission and dispatch, the internal call that was built before the games provided a great deal of help for the staff to coordinate the dispatch and control signals. Riedel all-digital audio calls matrix which was placed in the engine room operated stably and the matrix downstream station equipped with calls panel will not disturb each other, and all the calls were clear and stable, that made the workers communicate with each other very well.


System technical highlights


IPX system


The core scheduling matrix & the Management system of matrix panel


Multipicture segmentation & Xlink technology


Multichannel signal processor





User report






Thanks to our customers for believing and supporting us, and thanks to our advanced technology and our team spirit, so that we can do a very good job during the Tianjin 13th national games.


We are looking forward to meet you 4 years later in Xi'an, Shaanxi province.



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