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Evertz to Collaborate with Sony on IP Interoperability
September 12th, 2014 –Evertz announces their collaboration with Sony to realize IP interoperability. This initiative will allow customers to utilize an IP-infrastructure in their facilities for SD, HD, 3G, 4K and 8K video formats, and support broadcasters through the transition from legacy SDI infrastructure to IP-based infrastructures.    
Over the past few months, both companies have introduced innovative IP-based solutions to the industry.  Sony’s “Network Media Interface”utilizes a standard network infrastructure to transmit HD and 4K video, audio, and metadata in low latency and noise-free switching while genlocking over IP. This technology is going to be adopted in Sony’s world-standard camera, switcher and storage production equipment.
Evertz, a pioneer of 10GE infrastructure for the broadcast video market with multiple global installs, offers its Software Defined Video Network (SDVN) solution. Evertz’ SDVN leverages MAGNUM, a unified orchestration and control system, along with its high capacity IP switching fabrics (EXE-VSR and IPX) and IP gateways to provide an IP-based infrastructure.  Evertz’ SDVN solution provides unmatched scalability for handling SD/HD/3G/4K/8K over a 10GbE packet core, while maintaining the simple and robust control interface found in legacy SDI systems.
“Innovation of AV over IP is perceived as a revolutionary change for the industry. Sony is committed to being an important factor to make this change happen,”said Ryosuke Hayashi, Deputy Senior General Manager, Content Creation Solutions Business Division, Professional Solutions Group, Sony Corporation. “Respecting Evertz’s most recent achievement in AV over IP technology development and deployment, we are delighted to collaborate with Evertz to bring a tremendous benefit to the industry.”
As part of the intended collaboration between the two companies, Sony and Evertz aim to realize optimal IP based solutions and interoperability. The result of this initiative will provide customers complete IP-based solutions from production to broadcast infrastructures with streams that seamlessly flow over Evertz’ EXE-VSR and IPX switch fabrics.
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