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Olympic torch to be relayed in Qingdao


The Olympic Torch Relay was held in Qingdao city on 21st,July. NDT Group sent engineers to support Qingdao Torch Relay broadcast, the performance of Link HD and SD systems are very excellence. The Leader of Qingdao TV Station spoken highly of NDT Group.

Qingdao TV deployed 4 OB vans to broadcast the whole event. The relay lasts for 14.5km including landway and sea route.They used 5 Link HD systems and 1 Link SD systems .2 Link HD systems were set up in BOB Van which focus on the torchbearer. All of the video and audio signals were gathered to Qingdao TV's master control room to be routed to CCTV and to Qingdao's cable TV network as back up.

NDT support the Final of The Voice of China
NDT use LINK Wireless Camera systems to cover the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay