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Review of the BIRTV2010


In the year of 2010, broadcast & Television industry has developed rapidly and there has been great innovation on both technology and policy. NDT Group keeps pace with the development of the whole industry by exploring the most advanced solutions and introducing latest HD and 3D technologies. From the 23rd to 26th in August, the annual Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Equipment Exhibition was held in CIEC. During the exhibition, NDT not only displayed the equipment on 3D technology, Digital Television Headend, Wireless and Satellite Transmission, Audio Production, TELEX intercom system as well as Me On TV 3G solutions for program broadcasting, but also built a more complete Remote Studio System. NDT Group also gave a comprehensive show together with Jupiter.

Remote Studio System Area

The Remote Studio System launched by NDT for the first time is the shining point in the exhibition and the concept of remote studio system previously used in the Winter Olympics in 2009. The core of this system is the centre studio equipped with switcher, console, matrix, program package and digital video recorder, etc. Equipment such as camera and intercom system are placed in the remote studio. It is through the optical fiber, network, satellite and 3G/Wifi that the system accomplishes the signal transfer and the program broadcasting.

The Remote Studio System accomplishes the program broadcasting by signal transmission between the centre studio placed NDT booth and the remote studio placed in SONY booth. This system is mainly supported by SONY Switcher, the latest equipment from EVERTZ, EVS XS and NANO video broadcasting server, intercom system from TELEX, the Virtual Studio Manager, decoder and encoder from Ericsson, Net Insight's High Capacity Multi-service switch and so on. The whole workflow is shown to the audience by ORION screen. T he system is also supported by Link wireless microwave system, Me On TV 3G Solutions for program broadcasting and Polynices 2.0 Studio Recording and Broadcasting System developed by NDT.

3D Technology Area

NDT built the whole 3D environment in this exhibition and the majority of equipment are from EVERTZ company. EVERTZ firstly launched the 3D video processing equipment in broadcast & TV field, which promoted the application of 3D technology. At present, EVERTZ has owned a whole series of 3D solutions, including matrix, surrounding equipment, signal processor and transmission equipment. This time, EVERTZ EQX matrix, QMC Switcher, VIP-X Multi-screen display system were put on display. Adopting unique technology, EVERTZ 7832SVP-3G 3D Synthesis processor is able to process the video of right and left eyes of 3D camera and the 3D image can be displayed by EVERTZ 7867VIPA8-DUO-3G. With the experience acquired during the investigation of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, NDT engineers answered the questions on the problems in 3D production, which attracting a great many of visitors.

Display Control Area

PixelNet Display Wall Control System and the advanced equipment from Teranex were demonstrated in the exhibition. PixelNet Display Wall Control System applied with ORION screen has brought wonderful visual effect. VC100 from Teranex has excellent performances not only on format convert technology, but also on 2D transfer to 3D technology, which is popular nowadays. 3D technology is widely implemented at present. However, material and program were not rich enough. Through VC1-3-ENC and VC1-2D-3D, 2D material screened by traditional methods can easily be transferred to 3D material. In this case, the equipment is playing an important role in the development of 3D technology. The high-tech products attracted much attention and were widely praised by the visitors.

Professional Audio Area

The console from LAWO and broadcast loudness processor from TC were displayed in NDT booth, which demonstrated the advantage of audio and brought great effect. MC256 from LAWO, the world-leading company on audio equipment with a 40-years-history, is especially suitable for OB Vans, studios, theatres and live broadcasting for its smart structure and it is highly spoken in the field. With the increasing of domestic channels, the different sources of programs lead to the sound unstability when changing the channels. TC DB8 broadcast loudness processor can solve this problem easily. In the exhibition, materials such as ads, TV plays and news were output to DB8 through SONY VTR, and then after dealing with the soundness, DB8 output the signal to headphone amplifier. By comparing the voices before and after processing, visitors could feel the effect brought by DB8.

TELEX Intercom System Area

The call equipment from TELEX including ADAM-M call matrix, Zeus III compact call system, RVON-I/O, KP 32 CLD and KP-12 CLD were demonstrated in this area. KP 32 CLD is a revolutionary panel of TELEX, with two 4.9' LCD display providing visual graphical interface and two user-friendly button for programming. There are 12 buttons and window display for call waiting in the panel of KP-12 CLD, which is beneficial in case of limited space.

Digital Television Headend Area

In the digital television headend area, Ericsson's decoder & encoder as well as three networks convergence solutions and equipment from IneoQuest were exhibited. EN8100 MPEG-2 SD decoder, MX8400 Multiplexer£¬EQ8096 Edge QAM¡¢EN8090¡¢CE-XH42 MPEG-4 AVC HD 4:2:2 decoder and iPlexTM Video Processing Platform were demonstrated in NDT booth. Apart from that, three networks convergence solutions from Ericsson also attracted many visitors. G1-T IP Video Quality Analysis detector£¬G2-X Gemius IP Video Quality and Service Assurance Equipment£¬Cricket and Dialogue Signaling monitoring server from IQ were exhibited in this area.

Wireless and Satellite Transmission area

In this area, Link SD/HD wireless microwave camera system and uPod portable/vehicle-mounted satellite antenna system were demonstrated. uPod poratble/ vehicle-mounted satellite antenna system has high level of integration and perfect control system, which can monitor the whole launching links as well as use satellite resources efficiently. Link SD/HD wireless microwave camera system is the first one to realize the transmission by MPEG-2 compressed format. The features including low signal delaying, low energy demanding and lifelike signal make sure the system can be used in the live report as cable camera.

Me On TV System Area

Me On TV 3G Solutions for program broadcasting system turns audience into program-makers inste

NDT support the Final of The Voice of China
NDT named Outstanding Enterprise for 2009 Scientific and Technological Innovation Award winner by CR