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NDT Group and Sony Company held a training of 3ality 3D rig technology


Since the first domestic broadcasting 3D channel operation, 3D rig had played more and more important roles in the process of making program. From May 17 to June 1, in order to improve the 3D rig use kills and the installation and debugging efficiency of users, NDT Group and Sony company invited the American 3ality 3D expert Mr. Michael came to China for the two weeks of training and support programs on site that for China's major 3D customer. 
This training was divided into two stages, the first stage held in the Sony HD college, they came together the major users of 3D using personnel that from CCTV, Tianjin TV, Shanghai SMG and Beijing Film Academy. From 3D history, 3D language, 3D rig structure and the common problem of making program these a few respects to the thorough analysis, and then set up a complete 3D system together with the "3ality Pulsar rig,Sony P1 camera,Fujinon lens and Sony MPE200 processor". After the Mr. Michael's live demonstrations and step down that interpretation, the students had an actual practice with 2 people a group. And then Mr. Michael showed how to deformation of the Pulsar rig and disassembly and maintenance of the lens. After practice, students felt that they had an obvious advance about 3D rig's adjustment speed on site. 
The second stage, Mr. Michael went to the Tianjin TV manufacturing site, Shanghai SMG manufacturing site and CCTV broadcast world championships site respectively, who watching the whole 3D process of the shooting and making on the program was made of the Chinese team, and then he gave timely support about the adjust the mistake and judgment the problem of 3D rigs. 
This Mr. Michael's China travel made a great help for China 3D production team.
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