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Modern Management with well-organized operation to ensure effective and efficient service support to the customers
  Based on sound experience and track record, the quality management and assurance in our engineering projects are highly appraised among our customers. In 2002, NDT group qualified for the ISO 9001:2000 certificates to prove our service excellence.


Two decades of system integration experience to assure quality and practical design
  NDT has a strong team of experienced engineering staffs to provide total solution approach. Back from the early eighties, our key members have already participated actively in the system integration business. One of the classic examples is the three OB vans supplied to Guangdong TV for the 6th National Games in 1987. NDT has built the first SNG van and first Helicopter microwave link to China Central TV respectively. Also we are awarded the system integration contract for the Cross Century Digital Upgrade project. That signifies the first local company qualified for such kind of pretigious projects that was dominated by the over seas. That also proves that NDT has reached the top level engineering expertise shoulder to shoulder among the internal counterparts. Throgh the long term co-operation and many key customers over these big projects, NDT engineers acquired and cumulated a lot of useful experience in system designs and special applications. That paves a good foundation for NDT to deliver high quality services to our customers in future project and embracing new technologies and applications.


Best Vendors to maintain the most advance and reliable product profile
  NDT pays a lot of efforts to research on both the international market and domestic market. Based on our good understanding and feedback from our customers, we select the most prominent suppliers in different sector of the market. The system offered by NDT is buildt with the best available building blocks. Take HDTV as an example, NDT has introduced many good HDTV products to China in the early stages that received several awards during BIRTV. That proves NDT’s vision to the market.


Combining strength from both domestic and overseas organizations to yield higher value for the customers

Based on the solid foundation of NDT in China, we’ve built a very strong R&D team. In 1999, we’ve established the NDT R&D Centre. With years of experience, NDT has introduced a series of award-winning products that takes a leading role in the industry. NDT develops applications and system solution based on equipment platforms manufactured by overseas suppliers. We also tailor and customize new technologies from overseas to suit for local applications. This helps to provide localized and integrated solutions for our customers in China.
Besides the close contact with the international arena, NDT also has a strong connection and good co-corporation with colleges, research institutes. Such kind of working relationship further enhances the strength of the NDT team. Meanwhile, NDT do work with other enterprises in China to develop a win-win partnership for all.


Optional system solution through strong support by the World’s promine